Inglewood sets community building strategy in motion

Inglewood is ready for launch. And the mission is very down to earth.
The Inglewood Revitalization Strategy Launch—it happens on Saturday, January 25, at 1 p.m. at the community league hall—is about working together to make Inglewood an even friendlier, more caring and tighter knit community.

If that sounds to you like work worth doing, please consider getting involved, and getting others involved, too.

Neighbourhood revitalization connects people through community building initiatives. The City teams up with residents, property owners, business owners, and organizations of a neighbourhood to find ways to make it healthier, safer and livelier.

A project could be a festival, a community block party, a safety upgrade such as improved street lighting, a cleanup effort, a community garden, murals or public art … The idea can be just about anything as long as it aligns with the agreed community goals for revitalization.

In June 2018, City Council named Inglewood, Balwin and Belvedere as revitalization program communities. In the last decade, Alberta Avenue, Jasper Place, McCauley, Central McDougall and Queen Mary Park went through neighbourhood revitalization. The initiative is part of the City’s long term strategy plan to build healthy communities.

Save the date, place, Inglewood

At the launch, you can expect:

  • a neighbourhood celebration with family-friendly activities, refreshments and winter fun
  • a presentation of the neighbourhood’s Revitalization Strategy at 1 p.m.
  •  the opportunity to sign up for the Guiding Team and community-led project and capital teams beginning this year
  • to learn about the Revitalization Matching Fund and Small Sparks Fund.
  • Everything happens at the Inglewood Community League Hall, 12525 116 Ave.

Interested parties can register for the mailing list at

Connect with the Neighbourhood Revitalization Coordinator at for more information on the project.

Inglewood has long benefited from folks who dig in and work for the future

Editor’s Note: We thought the pic of the community garden at the top of the post reminds us there are always green days ahead!