Welcome to Transforming Edmonton, the City of Edmonton’s official blog.

Here you will find words, pics and video to connect you to the work and the story of the City of Edmonton.

With your trust, the City of Edmonton plans, designs, zones, builds, brings to life and maintains good things that are easy to see—a street, a sidewalk, a trail, a bridge, a swimming pool, an apartment tower, buses, the LRT, trees, the list goes on…

The City also helps create and protect good things that are maybe less easy to see, but just as vital: accessibility, affordability, community, belonging, safe mobility, nature, urban life, environmental sustainability, prosperity, health, civility and democracy.

Transforming Edmonton tells the story of how the City of Edmonton anticipates and responds to its environment in the service of the million people who live here now, helping to build the kind of city that will attract another million people here soon. A city committed to improving community, the urban network, the regional economy and the environment.

2020 will be a year of transformation. The City of Edmonton has a number of big projects on the books: LRT construction, bus network redesign, the waste strategy and the City Plan to name just a few.

These projects are each dizzying in their complexities. They are also part of a more basic story, the City of Edmonton’s story, which is to help make life better here, in Edmonton, now and for the future, now and with the past.

The City of Edmonton exists only because people have decided, in good times or in challenging times, to build today and tomorrow together.

Together, we have decided to create, preserve, live, thrive, belong and maintain access to good things here.

This blog tells those stories. The City’s stories. Your stories.

Welcome, and thanks for being here.