Canada 150 Edmonton Trivia Contest – Events

This post has the answers for last week’s trivia questions on Events in Edmonton.

And that’s the close of our Trivia Contest! Thanks to everyone who participated! All the questions and answers will be posted together on the City of Edmonton Archives Events & Activities webpage shortly.

Since the Sesquicentennial (Canada 150!) is a major event in Canada (and the celebrations in Edmonton will be visited by many) we thought to end the trivia contest with a reflection on other earlier events in the City’s history.

There have been numerous Royal visits, sporting competitions, and other celebrations of milestones in Edmonton’s history. We have even celebrated other anniversaries of Canada’s Confederation before. The 50th anniversary in 1917 was delayed because of the country being at war but it was a major event in 1927.

EA-63-28 Canada’s Sixtieth Birthday 1927 Looking southeast from Victoria Park.
EA-63-28 Canada’s Sixtieth Birthday 1927 Looking southeast from Victoria Park.
EA-10-798 Inauguration Parade September 1, 1905
EA-10-798 Inauguration Parade September 1, 1905

Many celebrations revolved around Alberta’s anniversary of becoming a Province in 1905. Other significant anniversaries included the creation of the town or city of Edmonton – the centennial of which was last celebrated in 2004.

1. In 1966 a plebiscite was passed approving the use of what in Edmonton’s municipal water supply?

A. Chlorine
B. Iodine
C. Fluoride
D. Cherry flavouring

It may not seem like a cause for celebration now, but campaigners at the time were ecstatic about the major hygiene benefits for children and their teeth. Still occasionally controversial, this public health initiative continues to make dentists and hygienists happy.

2. When did the major oil well, Leduc No. 1, blow in?

A. 1918
B. 1947
C. 1951
D. 1957

EA-10-3164 Leduc No. 1 Oilwell February, 1947
EA-10-3164 Leduc No. 1 Oil well February, 1947

3. On June 7, 1907 a disaster occurred at a coal mine, and five miners were killed. At which mine did this occur?

A. Old Bush Mine
B. Beverly Coal Mine
C. Humberstone Mine
D. Walterdale Mine

The memorial in Mount Pleasant Cemetery lists five names, but there is actually another memorial in St. Anthony’s Catholic Cemetery just down the hill where a sixth miner is remembered. So the question should have said “six miners were killed” (which we only caught after the questions had been released).

4. When did Edward, Prince of Wales visit Edmonton?

A. 1890
B. 1908
C. 1919
D. 1939

Royal visits have long captured the attention of Edmontonians. Earlier visits of Governor Generals were the closest westerners had gotten to the Royal Family (usually they were members of the aristocracy or married to Royals). This visit at the end of the First World War was a reward for Canadian participation in the war effort. Albertans were especially pleased because the Prince of Wales also purchased a ranch in southern Alberta proving he would return again.

5. In what year was the first Pride Festival held in Edmonton?

A. 1980
B. 1985
C. 1990
D. 1995

6. When did Edmonton host the Commonwealth Games?

A. 1978
B. 1983
C. 1988
D. 1996

EB-30-355 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony at Commonwealth Stadium  August, 1978
EB-30-355 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony at Commonwealth Stadium August, 1978

7. Alex Wuttunee Decoteau was killed in the First World War in 1917. While serving overseas he won a five-mile race during a military sports day and received an unusual prize. What was the prize?

A. A trophy in the shape of a bumblebee
B. King George V’s pocket watch
C. A new set of china
D. His weight in sausages

This charming story is told in several of the biographies of Decoteau. Apparently the King was presenting the prizes that day, but when it came to present the medal for the foot race it could not be found. The King generously contributed his own pocket watch. Decoteau naturally valued the prize and kept it with him constantly. He was, however, killed in action in France later in the war. When his personal effects were sent home initially the watch was not in his possession, and his comrades feared it had been looted. Days later, after another battle resulting in many German casualties, the watch was found and returned to Decoteau’s family.

EA-10-2072 Alex Decoteau 1912
EA-10-2072 Alex Decoteau 1912

8. When did the Jubilee Auditorium officially open?

A. 1955
B. 1957
C. 1967
D. 1970

The Jubilee was the 50 anniversary of the creation of Alberta in 1905. The project was declared a Jubilee celebration but took years to complete both the Auditoria in Edmonton and Calgary.

EA-10-2732 Groat Road 1962 Replacement beam for the Jubilee Auditorium
EA-10-2732 Groat Road 1962 Replacement beam for the Jubilee Auditorium

9. What was one of Edmonton’s major centennial projects in 1967?

A. Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium
B. The Spaghetti Tree at City Hall
C. The lake in Hawrelak Park
D. The Provincial Museum of Alberta

10. The first Heritage Days Festival was held in 1976. It was held in a park which was renamed that same year. What were the former and current names of the park?

A. East End Park and Borden Park
B. Grierson Dump and Louise McKinney Riverfront Park
C. Ross Acreage and Henrietta Muir Edwards Park
D. Mayfair Park and William Hawrelak Park

Happy Canada Day!