Canada 150 Edmonton Trivia Contest – Law & Order

This post has the answers for last week’s trivia questions on Law & Order. The next set of questions on Municipal Politics in Edmonton are now available!

Welcome to the Canada 150 Edmonton Trivia Contest! Today we’re releasing the next set of 10 questions – Municipal Politics in Edmonton. Sets of 10 questions will be released every Friday between now and June 23.

Questions can be answered using this online form and completed forms are entered into two draws. See full contest details, including prizes, in our March 14 blog post.

This year the Edmonton Police Service is celebrating their 125th year of service to the town and city of Edmonton. 1892 was the year the town was incorporated and one of the first acts of the new town council was to appoint a sheriff and a police constable. Peaceful and safe pursuit of happiness and prosperity was important to all the people of Edmonton – and as the City grew in wealth and prosperity – the more they felt the need to protect their way of life.

EA-10-2335 Edmonton Police Force 1903
EA-10-2335 Edmonton Police Force 1903

1. When was the first Edmonton police officer appointed?

A. 1885
B. 1892
C. 1900
D. 1910

2. Can you name Edmonton’s first female police officer?

A. Annie Warbucks
B. Annie Lennox
C. Annie Jackson
D. Debbie Harris

EA-10-2010 Emily Murphy Conducting Juvenile Court 1918 Annie Jackson third from left.
EA-10-2010 Emily Murphy Conducting Juvenile Court 1918 Annie Jackson third from left.

3. Who was the pilot of the first man hunt by plane in Canada?

A. Wop May
B. Katherine Stinson
C. Reg Hunt
D. Grant McConachie

4. Who was Edmonton’s first Indigenous police officer?

A. Sam Donaghey
B. Alex Decoteau
C. P.D. Campbell
D. Alex Latta
5. Edmonton had a federal penitentiary within the city limits.

A. True
B. False

6. Why did the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) build their post in Fort Saskatchewan, rather than in Edmonton?

A. They couldn’t find Edmonton
B. All their horses died
C. They liked the view of the river better
D. Chief Factor Hardisty and Inspector Jarvis couldn’t get along

Part of the problem might have been that the NWMP was a federal force and the administrators in Ottawa might not have understood how the settlement in Edmonton was growing and destined to become the capital region. When the NWMP arrived in southern Alberta they established their post on the trails which provided them easiest access to the supplies they needed and the city grew up around their post. In northern Alberta the Fort Saskatchewan post was on the Carleton Trail for supply reasons as well – but if the two men had been better able to get along – it could have been in Edmonton.

7. What was the first bylaw passed by the Town of Edmonton in 1892?

A. Bylaw respecting the early closing of barber shops
B. Bylaw to tax hotel and wholesale licensees
C. Bylaw to regulate & control the keeping of cats
D. Bylaw dealing with children out at night

8. When did the Edmonton fire department retire its last horse drawn vehicle?

A. 1910
B. 1912
C. 1914
D. 1916

EA-65-17 Fire Engine on Jasper Ave. ca. 1904 To the left is the Alberta Hotel.
EA-65-17 Fire Engine on Jasper Ave. ca. 1904 To the left is the Alberta Hotel.

9. When did the Edmonton fire brigade become a professional rather than volunteer force?

A. 1892
B. 1900
C. 1905
D. 1912

For many years the fire brigade was a volunteer force and citizens felt it was an honour to serve. Gradually, like the police and ambulance services, technology grew more complicated and the demands on the time and energies of those who took on those roles in the community meant that the City had to support those services with a professional workforce.

EA-160-1019 Firefighters - Alberta Motor Boat Co. Fire  1948
EA-160-1019 Firefighters – Alberta Motor Boat Co. Fire 1948

10. What other function did the City’s first fire hall serve?

A. Jail Cell
B. City Clerk’s Office
C. Council Chamber
D. Police Headquarters
E. All of the above

Good luck with the next batch of questions about Municipal Politics in Edmonton, you have until Thursday, May 11 at midnight to answer them and be entered in the contest!