Canada 150 Edmonton Trivia Contest – Sports & Leisure

This post has the answers for last week’s trivia questions on Sport & Leisure. The next set of questions on Environment & Landmarks in Edmonton are now available!

Like the Arts and Culture of the city, Sports and Leisure have always been a part of the Edmonton scene and mostly created by amateur enthusiasts. For the most part, people made their own fun – from ice skating and skiing in the winter months to swimming and games in the summer – everyone participated, or if they couldn’t, they went to watch their neighbours play.

During the thirties to the fifties many businesses (the Muttart Lumber Yard, the Mercury Automobile Dealers), schools and community leagues undertook to support local community teams in many sports – but baseball and football were probably the most prominent. The Edmonton Mercurys were the most famous of the hockey teams in that period – and for women’s sport all the talk was about the Grads, the “winningest team of all”. The basketball legends had a win-loss ratio of 502 wins to 20 losses during their reign. The Eskimos franchise was applied to all kinds of Edmonton teams from rugby, baseball and hockey, all predating the football team.

EA-160-1167 Edmonton Commercial Grads 1938
EA-160-1167 Edmonton Commercial Grads 1938

1. In what year did Fort Edmonton Park officially open?

A: 1967
B: 1974
C: 1978
D: 1983

The current Fort Edmonton Park site is not one of the locations of the original Fort Edmonton, although, within the palisade, it is closely based on the design of the 1832 Fort. The last location of the Fort was on the Legislature grounds near where the lawn bowling greens are. Many original buildings from around Edmonton have been moved onto the Fort Edmonton Park site; it is a replica representing different eras in the city’s history up to 1929.

2. What is the name of Edmonton’s zoo?

A. Storyland Valley Zoo
B. Borden Park  Zoo
C. East End Zoo
D. Edmonton Valley Zoo
E. All of the above

These were all zoological collections of one type or another in the city. East End is the former name of Borden Park and its zoo consisted of elk, deer, a porcupine, and a bear cub. Borden Park Zoo was part a larger attraction which included a rollercoaster and other rides, including a tunnel of love. There are some great images of Borden Park on the Archives’ online catalogue. And the Storyland Valley Zoo opened in 1959 and is now the Edmonton Valley Zoo.


3. When did the Edmonton Eskimos first win the Grey Cup?

A. 1934
B. 1944
C. 1954
D. 1964


4. When were the Edmonton Grads formed?

A. 1912
B. 1915
D. 1940

EA-160-189 Edmonton Exhibition Parade 1923
EA-160-189 Edmonton Exhibition Parade 1923

5. The Edmonton Eskimos are a famous Edmonton football team. What other sports used the Eskimo team name in Edmonton?

A. Rugby
B. Hockey
C. Baseball
D. All of the above

EA-349-1 Edmonton Eskimos 1920-21
EA-349-1 Edmonton Eskimos 1920-21

6. Edmonton’s major baseball venue was known as Ducey Park, Renfrew Park, and now, Diamond Park. In which Edmonton neighbourhood is it located?

A. Rossdale
B. Riverdale
C. Walterdale
D. Cloverdale

EA-160-142 First Baseball Game - Diamond Park May 20, 1920
EA-160-142 First Baseball Game – Diamond Park May 20, 1920

7. When was the first time Edmonton competed for the Stanley Cup in hockey?

A. 1908
B. 1979
C. 1984
D. 2006


8. Edmonton’s first drive-in theatre opened in June 6, 1949. What was it called?

A. The Princess
B. Blatchford Field
C. The Starlite
D. Magic Lantern

EA-600-2489b Starlite Theatre - Edmonton’s new drive-in 1949
EA-600-2489b Starlite Theatre – Edmonton’s new drive-in 1949

At one time, Edmonton had outdoor drive-in theatres at every corner of the city, including one at the current Southgate site. The Starlite was located close to today’s Meadowlark Mall. Drive-ins were the most popular family outing in Edmonton for years and recently there have been efforts to revive the tradition.


9. When did the Edmonton Convention Centre officially open?

A. 1978
B. 1983
C. 1988
D. 1990


10. Tiger Goldstick, a well-known broadcaster and sports promoter, was also an athlete. What was his sport?

A. Rodeo clown
B. Golf
C. Hockey
D. Wrestling


Edmontonians are often reminded of the various characters and principal actors in the sports and leisure community because many of our parks are named after prominent names associated with sports – John Ducey, Joe Clark, Rollie Myles, Tiger Goldstick. Information on many of these names can be found on the Archives’ online catalogue.

Good luck with the next batch of questions about Environment & Landmarks in Edmonton, you have until Thursday, June 1 at midnight to answer them and be entered in the contest!