Canada 150 Edmonton Trivia Contest – Teamwork

This post has the answers for last week’s trivia questions on Teamwork. The next set of questions on Arts & Culture are now available!

EA-765-3 Edmonton Commercial Grads Olympic Team 1928
EA-765-3 Edmonton Commercial Grads Olympic Team 1928


Frontier communities often found it necessary to band together to get things done. Edmonton has many stories about coming together to survive, fight the forces of evil, overcome hardships and downturns, and create a stronger community. From the 1882 Vigilante Committee’s overthrow of claim jumpers, lead by future mayor Matt McCauley, as well as the formation of the first School Board and the building of the first public school in the same year, to the 1917 creation of the first community league, grievances were often addressed through direct action by community members. Even the amalgamation of various outlying towns and villages around Edmonton’s original core has been a way of strengthening the community in economic and social terms. Today we celebrate our strength in diversity with a number of community wide events such as the Heritage Festival.

Last week’s questions related to various teams which have contributed to Edmonton’s story of community building and quality of life. We have listed the questions below, along with their answers.

1. When was the first Community League established?

A. 1917
B. 1921
C. 1967
D. 1978

The 142 Street Community League (now Crestwood) was formed to help the newly annexed neighbourhood to lobby the City Council for its share of infrastructure development, transit services and inclusion in the City.

2. What Edmonton High School formed the first Edmonton Grads basketball team?

A. Victoria Composite High School
B. Oliver School
C. McKay Avenue School
D. McDougall Commercial High School

The Edmonton Grads had the best win-loss record of any internationally known basketball team (women’s or men’s). They often played against men, because they couldn’t find enough competition within the women’s leagues. There is a new Canadian Heritage Minute made about them.

3. When did a general strike occur in sympathy with the Winnipeg General Strike?

A. 1868
B. 1919
C. 1986
D. 2004

4. When was the Edmonton Vigilante Committee formed to uphold the member’s land claims?

A. 1821
B. 1867
C. 1882
D. 1912

5. When was Edmonton’s first riot staged?

A. 1932
B. 2006
C. 2016
D. We have never rioted in Edmonton, as we are a law abiding populus.

Direct action by Edmontonians was not a common occurrence but occasionally citizens found themselves at the breaking point, as our last three questions show. Labour action, citizen retribution against law breakers and even unlawful gatherings have occurred here. Recent events like Occupy Edmonton continue the tradition of popular action against perceived injustices.

6. What communities have combined through amalgamation or annexation to form the current City of Edmonton?

A. Strathcona
B. North Edmonton
C. West Edmonton
D. Beverly
E. Jasper Place
F. All of the above

7. When was first Heritage Days held?

A. 1967
B. 1976
C. 1984
D. 1987

Heritage Days is a positive form of populism where we gather to celebrate not only those different cultures Edmontonians come from – but also the similarities of all people who enjoy good food, dancing and other cultural practices and the freedom to gather together to enjoy them in our great country.

8. What military battalion bears Edmonton’s name?

A. Loyal Edmonton Regiment
B. Edmonton Fusiliers
C. Edmonton Homeguard
D. All of the above

The Edmonton Homeguard was the name of the Fort Edmonton defenders in 1885, the Edmonton Fusiliers (101st) were a turn of the Century (20th) militia unit. The 49th Regiment, which was recruited in 1914 from the greater Edmonton area, became the Loyal Edmonton Regiment in 1933 when it aligned with the Loyal Regiment in Britain (a unit with strong ties to Canada)

EA-10-2624 Edmonton Regiment Band (2nd 49th Battalion) October 26, 1941
EA-10-2624 Edmonton Regiment Band (2nd 49th Battalion) October 26, 1941

9. When was the first public school opened?

A. 1880
B. 1881
C. 1882
D. 1883

10. When was the Edmonton Newsboys Band formed?

A. 1904
B. 1914
C. 1924
D. 1934

A creation of businessman and philanthropist, John Michaels (of Mike’s News fame) the Newsboys Band gave underprivileged youth a chance to learn new skills, better themselves and see the world when the Band represented Edmonton as the only Canadian band invited to the British Imperial Exposition at Wembley, England in 1924.

EA-29-109 Edmonton Newsboys’ Band 1928
EA-29-109 Edmonton Newsboys’ Band 1928

Good luck with the next batch of questions about Arts & Culture in Edmonton, you have until Thursday, April 6 at midnight to answer them and be entered in the contest!