Downtown’s Got Big Energy

You’re not imagining it. There ARE more people Downtown. Today, the only time you’ll hear about ‘Deadmonton’ is when it’s about the newly-revamped Halloween attraction in the old Paramount theatre. In fact, Downtown Edmonton has more energy than ever before.

It’s a big deal
Between 2001 and 2014, population of Downtown more than doubled, from 6,170 to 13,148 residents. And that growth isn’t slowing down.


With all of the apartments and condos being built, Downtown is poised for a big surge in residential. The numbers are impressive. In 2015, 140 residential units were completed, while another 1,500 units are currently under construction. Coming soon are another 2,000.


More housing means more people – on the streets, in restaurants and bars, and at festivals and events that go on long after the offices have closed. Mix that with the millions of event-goers coming Downtown for Rogers Place, and the 50,000 students expected to be in the core by 2020, and you can see we’re at the brink of a pretty incredible transformation.

Photo credit: Red Bull
Photo credit: Red Bull

More places to live

In 2014, Downtown had 8,678 residential units in total. Add in the units that were recently completed and under construction, we’ll have over 10,000 residential units in Downtown Edmonton in just a few years.

Tip: A “residential unit” means a condominium, apartment or house. In Downtown, most new units are condos or apartments.

From the early 1970s to the the late 1990s, Downtown hovered at around 5,000 people, and saw next to no growth. That trend only started to change with the implementation of the City’s first Downtown Plan in 1996.

The Big E with the November Project
The Big E with the November Project

Downtown Population Growth

Year    Downtown’s population    # of residential units
2014    13,148    8,678
2001    6,175    4,135

Source: Edmonton Municipal Census

The fine print

The Legends condo project will be built at the top of the tower housing JW Marriot.
The Legends condo project will be built at the top of the tower housing JW Marriot.

Here’s a detailed look at what projects are growing Downtown’s community.*

Units completed in 2015:

  • 140 in Fox One

Units under construction:

  • 175 in Fox Two
  • 190 in Ultima
  • 265 in The Legends
  • 460 in Stantec Tower
  • 240 in Mayfair North
  • 150 in Symphony Tower

Units Planned:

  • 180 in Encore
  • 1,300 in Massey Ferguson (Healy Ford building)
  • 250 in Jasper House
  • 225 on Augustana Lutheran site

*All numbers are approximate and are subject to change as developers proceed with their projects. Projects that have not applied for rezoning or a development permit, or have not been formally announced, have not been included.