E-scooters return to Edmonton with safety rider

The fun—and the responsibility—of e-scooters are back.

The fun kinda speaks for itself. 

Olga Messinis, the City of Edmonton’s Director of Traffic Operations, spoke about the responsibility. 

“E-scooters contribute to the spirit of Edmonton, but they do come with some challenges,” said Messinis. 

“It’s important to work with the e-scooter companies to make sure the scooters don’t block sidewalks or paths while parked. And important to remind people to not ride on sidewalks. Parking that way, riding that way makes pedestrians uncomfortable and makes visually impaired pedestrians unsafe.”

Messinis meets news media to talk e-scooters near Tommy Banks Way and 86 Avenue, Edmonton, March 25, 2021.

Three companies

Striking that balance between spirit and safety was the theme of a news conference announcing the return of the e-scooters. This year, three companies—Bird Canada, Lime Technology and Spin Mobility—have licences to operate. 

There will be up to 4,000 e-scooters in Edmonton this spring.

“We are excited that there is yet another way for people to travel around and experience our beautiful city, and we are working closely with companies to keep e-scooters safe and enjoyable,” said Messinis. 

Rider education 

This year, e-scooter companies will do more to make sure riders are safe and know the rules. Expect to see Safe Streets patrols, in-app rider education and public safety events. 

 The Lime app features a safety video and quiz.

Riders will be reminded to disinfect scooters before and after use. And that riding is not allowed in certain areas of the city—and that speed is governed. 

Rules and regulations of Edmonton e-scootering from Lime app.
The Bird app also provides COVID-related safety information.

Feel joy, share responsibility

Messinis said Edmonton’s streets belong to everyone. And that everyone who uses them, however they use them, should keep everyone else who uses them, however they use them, in mind. 

“We all have a shared responsibility to look out for each other on our streets,” said Messinis. “Have fun and ride responsibly.”

E-scooters are great ways to explore neighbourhoods, like on this shared-use path near Whyte Avenue,  with friends. Photo from 2020.

Editor’s note: Get more info on e-scooters and the 2020 E-scooter Survey Report. The pic at the top of the post shows a flock of Bird e-scooters in Edmonton, August 2020.