For City Staff

The Transforming Edmonton blog was created to give a voice to City employees who want to connect with Edmontonians and share stories about how civic services and programs contribute to The Way Ahead and its long-term goals to improve our city.

City employees are invited to share information on programs that may not be in the news spotlight or stories that need more context. Staff can use text, images and video to go behind the scenes on complex topics to help Edmontonians learn what it takes to deliver municipal services.

Most importantly, this is a vehicle to share information, then listen to what citizens say about a topic. The blog is a great way to stimulate a discussion and get ideas and opinions on City activities.

Any City employee who has a story to tell is encouraged to call the Communications Advisor in their area to help plan a blog post.

After clearing with the supervisor, the employee will be provided tips about writing for the web (or creating video). But it is a blog, so the posts should be conversational, personal and engaging – provided in the employee’s own voice. Then it is a quick process to publishing and hearing from Edmontonians. Start planning your connection with the people you serve today.