MyProperty a wealth of information for homeowners

Every homeowner is unique. Young families, singles starting out, empty nesters… And everyone has their own questions about their property and the property assessment notices the City sends out each January.

Enter—the key to finding answers to those questions. 

The secure site, spearheaded by the City’s Assessment and Taxation team, is filled with information to answer any homeowner’s questions, including details specific to their own property. So far, more than 55,000 property owners have signed up. 

“It’s all about choice,” said Customer Experience Supervisor Olga Mikheenkova. 

“You can choose to look at the information that matters to you, when you want it. And how you use the site will help us add more functionality in the future. Eventually this secure site will allow us to move away from paper notices. That’s going to save taxpayers money and it will make the process even more convenient.”

The site gives users assessment information on file, detailed property assessment maps, current property tax account balance and two-year transaction history, assessment and taxes for the last five years and downloadable copies of assessment and tax notices. 

The site also takes general information about how tax dollars are spent and applies that to the specific amounts that each property owner pays, providing a dollars-and-cents breakdown of where their taxes go.

“We offer general information about tax dollars on the City of Edmonton’s public site, but we can’t tell every property owner where every cent of their tax money goes,” said Mikheenkova.

“On MyProperty, because it is individual and secure, we can do that. We can also show how their assessment history translates to the tax amount they will see on their invoice. It makes everything more meaningful and, we hope, helpful to the taxpayer.”

Those who are looking to sell, or just curious about their neighbourhood, can see property sales figures for comparable properties in their area.

Once property owners have created a profile on MyProperty, they can attach as many properties as they own, using the access code from their last property assessment or tax notice.   

What property owners will find at MyProperty is driven in part by the questions Edmontonians have asked over the years, and the site will evolve as users interact with MyProperty and show the City what matters most to them. 

Users who need one-on-one support can submit service requests through their accounts. 

Once users sign up, they will no longer have to worry about where to safely store their assessment and property tax notices—the site will have them available.

Users need to know their privacy is protected and MyProperty is designed to meet tough legal and security standards. Signing up isn’t “one-click,” but it takes only a few minutes, and those extra steps provide reassuring protection for users’ data.

Edmontonians can learn more about benefits and how to sign up at and in this FAQ

The City of Edmonton’s MyProperty team