New Edmonton Gives website “helps people help people” during pandemic

When things get tough, Edmontonians pull together for one another. Edmonton’s heart is its people. Together, Edmonton cares. 

The new Edmonton Gives website is an easy way to put that caring into action.

“Edmontonians can do more together than we ever could do apart,” said David Aitken, Chair of the COVID-19 Task Team.

Edmonton Gives is a way to facilitate connections—to help people help people.”  

Edmonton Gives is a portal for individuals, businesses and organizations looking to contribute to Edmonton’s pandemic relief and recovery efforts. Those visiting the site can read about social agencies and not-for-profit organizations, and, then, connect to their websites to make a donation. 

The City of Edmonton’s Aitken: “We can do more together than apart.”

How it began

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic became reality, the City of Edmonton began receiving versions of a very Edmonton question: How can I help?

How can individuals and businesses support community members who might be struggling?

The developers went to work. They baked that community DNA into the code of the Edmonton Gives web portal. ⌨️ ❤️ The site connects Edmontonians to not-for-profit organizations and social agencies providing support to Edmontonians made vulnerable by COVID-19.

Connecting Edmontonians

The portal is a link.

The City is not accepting financial, physical or in-kind donations directly, but, with Edmonton Gives, it can facilitate donations of what’s needed most, including money, goods and services, food, personal protective equipment (PPE) and space/lodging.

The site also accepts the gift of time. Volunteers can use the Edmonton Gives portal to find opportunities to serve.

 Alberta Computers for Schools, supplied

Connect with stories

Alberta Computers for Schools is one of the agencies highlighted by Edmonton Gives

“Learning is almost impossible these days if you don’t have a computer,” said Kari Cope, Alberta Computers for Schools Executive Director

“By donating your computer equipment, you can give new life to laptops, desktops and monitors that are no longer in use, making a difference in the lives of those who do not have access to, or cannot afford to buy a computer.” 

Alberta Computers for Schools refurbishes donated computer equipment and distributes it for free to schools, libraries, other not-for-profit organizations and Indigenous communities. The organization usually distributes about 10,000 computers each year. Since COVID, requests for their computers have doubled, said Cope.

Edmonton Gives features the stories of other agencies and organizations that do good work, and can do more with the help of Edmontonians who can help. Edmonton Gives springs from the spirit of ConnectEdmonton: Edmonton’s Strategic Plan 2019–2028, which charts the way that, together, Edmontonians can build and preserve the things that make a city great.

Editor’s note: This week is #YEGCares week at the City of Edmonton and here on the Transforming Edmonton blog. Please remember: No one should go hungry. Help is available during these difficult times. The City of Edmonton and a range of agencies and organizations are working together to ensure food is available for all Edmontonians. For more information about the services available, please call 211.