We are by nature creatures of habit; habits that have developed over a period of time.  As with many things, we form both good and bad habits.

One common habit that many of us have is our “arrived home” habit.  After a long day of work, school, errands, or shopping we are so happy to be in the comfort and safety of our home that we take for granted that some of our habits provide opportunities for others to take advantage of.  For example, the GPS or satellite radio that we have left on the dash, or the cell phone charger and spare change left in the drink holder, or the door that we forgot to lock and the bag on the front seat may make appealing targets for thieves.

20 seconds is all it takes for a thief to run away with your valuables. 20 seconds is also all it takes to do a quick look: look left, right, up, down, and all around to ensure you have secured your vehicleInitiate the #20secdefence before stepping away from your vehicle to make sure that you have everything with you, the windows are closed and doors are locked.

#20secdefence is an easy habit that we can include in our daily routines.

We understand that sometimes a small reminder about the dangers of unsecured vehicles will help us develop new habits, so the Forest Heights Neighbourhood Empowerment Team will be stopping and talking to drivers before they leave their vehicles to help them develop their own #20secdefence habit.

“Theft from vehicles is a particular problem in the Forest Heights area,” explains Hannah Wong, City of Edmonton Social Worker. “The 20 second defense is a quick and easy way to reinforce that it only takes 20 seconds to ensure your valuables are safe and secure.”