Making Space Podcast

A City of Edmonton original podcast

A zoning podcast like you’ve never heard because you’ve never listened to a podcast about zoning

Yes, zoning. With one z. Not zzzz-oning. Too often, how we talk about zoning gets people to tune out. It’s complex. There’s all kinds of specialized language the experts use. The lawyers and the planners and the politicians get it, but that leaves a lot of us who might not. 

Which is wrong. 

Because zoning—basically, the rules for how land can be used and what can be built where—affects everyone. 

Making Space returns that vital conversation to the people. The episodes are stories of real-life folks and communities whose lives have felt the impact of how Edmonton has been and is being planned. It’s an honest look at some of the hard-won lessons of how Edmonton can be an equitable city for all. 

Join the City of Edmonton’s Jennifer Renner on a unique, five-part tour of zoning issues, homegrown here in Edmonton.


Episode 1: The Million Dollar Parking Lot

What is the cost of regulating the number of parking spaces for every development? And — more importantly — who pays for it?


Featuring: Carola Cunningham, CEO, Niginan Housing Ventures

Episode 2: Whose Home?

“Why do we need to prove we’re good neighbours?” How can policy and people shift towards providing housing for all?


Featuring: Susan McGee, CEO, Homeward Trust

Episode 3: At Your Discretion

Where do buildings and businesses go and why? Who decides and what are the lasting impacts — intended or not — of those decisions?


Featuring: Chris Hoit, Owner, A1 Pawn

Episode 4: Connecting the Dots

What do you live within 15 minutes of? How can we plan our city to bring people and businesses closer to the things they need?


Featuring: Cherie Klassen, Executive Director, Old Strathcona Business Association

Episode 5: What Does Better Look Like?

How can we rethink zoning to address the evolving needs of different communities?


Featuring: Chris Delaba, Placemaker, Beljan Development

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