65th Annual Hall of Fame shows the spirit of the city!

Nine outstanding Edmontonians were added to the City of Edmonton’s Hall of Fame during the Salute to Excellence induction ceremony on June 13th.

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Salute to Excellence honours Edmontonians who have contributed to the unique and diverse fabric of our community. Since 1951, Salute to Excellence has recognized Edmontonians that go above and beyond for their community and in their professional field. This year there was a noticeable feeling that each of these inductees genuinely wanted to be able to give back to their community.

The 2016 recipients in the category of arts and culture included Caterina Edwards, a writer and cultural advocate; Usha Gupta, a world renowned dancer and choreographer; Alex S. Janvier, a well-known Indigenous artist and an advocate for First Nations rights; and Howard P. Stuchbury, the founder of the Alberta Music Festival which spurred the creation of Edmonton’s Kiwanis Music Festival.

In the category of Community Service, there was just one inductee this year. Nick Lees, or better known as “Nick Danger” for his adventurous, energetic spirit, was recognized for his work as a journalist and for raising an estimated $8 million for local charities.

The Sports Hall of Fame’s 65th anniversary was celebrated this year along with the addition of four inductees recognized for their achievements as community builders and athletes. Taras (Terry) Danyluk, a leader in the volleyball community for years wanted to give back to the community through coaching and helping provide the same opportunities that he was given.; George M. Murphy, raised the profile of orienteering in Alberta while putting Edmonton on the map as an orienteering centre now known internationally; Peter S. Ogilvie brought fame to Edmonton with his Olympic wins and continued work with track and field athletes; and John Stanton, the founder of the Running Room was recognized for his contributions to the running community and his fundraising efforts for local charities.

Congratulations to all inductees for 2016, we can’t wait to see who shines in 2017, it could be you!

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Edmonton's Salute to Excellence Hall of Fame 2016