8 simple tips to green your life

Are you interested in learning how you can make positive changes to Edmonton’s air and water quality? Do you want to support nature and biodiversity in the city and make more sustainable transportation choices? The Green Living Guide covers these topics, as well as, waste, food and agriculture, energy conservation and sustainable purchasing.

Here’s a tip from each section outlined within the City’s much anticipated and recently released Green Living Guide:


Reuse is key!

“Whether you are going to a festival or just taking your morning trip to the coffee shop, bringing your own mug can reduce the resources and energy that are needed to produce single-use cups. The same can be said for reusable bags.”


Waste less water!

“According to EPCOR, the average household uses 16,600 litres of water per month! Doing our part to conserve water now will ensure that future generations have access to this precious, finite resource. Climate change also poses a threat to our reliable water supply and makes conservation efforts more important than ever.”

Nature and biodiversity

Choose drought-resistant trees and plants!Sprinkler

“Choose heat-loving, drought-resistant trees and shrubs for a xeriscape garden. Remember that even hardy plants will need at least weekly watering while they get established during the first growing season.” 

Food and agriculture

Plan your meals!

“Buy exactly what you will need to make meals for a week. If a recipe calls for two apples, buy just two apples instead of a whole bag. Shopping in the bulk aisle can help you buy exactly the right amounts. Try to avoid impulse purchases at the grocery store, especially for perishable items.”


Be idle free! 

“If you’re stuck in traffic, using a drive-through, picking up someone at school or waiting for a train to go by, shut off the vehicle. Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting your engine.”


Invest in a programmable thermostat!

“A programmable thermostat lets you set the furnace to turn down automatically at times when you don’t typically need as much heat (for example, at night and during work hours) and to turn it up when you do.”


Start a walking school bus!

“A walking school bus is a group of children, led by a parent or adult volunteer, that walks to and from school together. It’s similar to a regular school bus in that it has a set route with set stops to pick up students along the way. A walking school bus has many benefits. It gets kids active, improves air quality, reduces congestion and increases traffic safety around school zones. It’s also an easy way for busy parents to volunteer in the school community.”

Sustainable purchasing

Buy lightly used, second-hand items! SprayBottle

“Edmonton has an extensive network of thrift stores where you can purchase personal, recreational and household items. Websites such as Kijiji and Used Edmonton also allow people to buy and sell used items. Often, you can save money by buying things that are slightly used instead of brand new.”


Do you want to learn more about living a sustainable life? The Green Living Guide is an easy read with pictures, tips and tricks, and valuable information about living a greener life.

To pick up your copy of the guide or to learn more, join us for the Green Living Guide launch event this Saturday!

Date:  Saturday, July 11, 2015

Time:  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Location:  Beaver Hills Pocket Park (behind the old Sobey’s on 104 St, close to the downtown Farmer’s Market)

Or download the eco-friendly web version: edmonton.ca/greenlivingguide.