A big (picture) thanks! 🙏

It’s not over. But thanks are overdue.

Interim City Manager Adam Laughlin is thanking Edmontonians for protecting the health system by accepting the need to change the way they move in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Essential trips only on transit. Dogs on leashes on public property. Staying home when possible. Physical distancing. And scores of other ways people are saying yes to making their lives temporarily more difficult for the common good.

“We know that all the measures we have put into place are difficult, but I want to sincerely thank Edmontonians for taking the measures so seriously,” said Laughlin.

“If we continue to follow the direction of public health officials, we can work to flatten the curve and eventually ease measures when it’s safe to do so.” 

Alex Decoteau dog park, temporarily closed in COVID-19 response

Flattening the curve

“Flattening the curve” means being open to ways of living and moving that decrease the strain on the health care system. Basically, it means each of us must take protective measures that buy time so the health care system can handle demand. 

The term comes from graphs like this one that show how protective measures work to not overwhelm the health care system over time. 

New York Times

Parks over the weekend

The story of city parks and playgrounds over the long weekend supported the work to flatten the curve. Here are some numbers from Friday to Sunday: 

2,600+: the number of people observed in parks
28: warnings for dogs being off leash
29: warnings for people not properly physically distanced

Victoria Golf Course, Edmonton, April 14, 2020

Golf courses remain closed

The City of Edmonton’s three municipal golf courses, Victoria, Rundle and Riverside, and the Victoria Driving Range remain closed. This temporary closure is under the direction of Alberta Health Services. 

City staff are still maintaining, watering, fertilizing and mowing the greens, so that the courses are ready when it’s safe to go. 

Again, thank you.