A space this big calls for big ideas!

Edmonton Exhibition Lands is undergoing a major transformation.

Bordered by established neighbourhoods, the Edmonton Exhibition Lands accounts for more than 200 acres of prime urban space. The area is the City’s second largest urban infill site located in a premier location. Its proximity to downtown, LRT and transit, and the river valley, creates a wider network with access to more neighbourhoods, other park areas and green space amenities.

Northlands-South-ViewView from the South of study area

With the transfer of the Coliseum back to City ownership, the transfer of the Expo Centre operations to Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, and the closure of the casino and horse track by the end of the first quarter of 2019, the City is working to ensure a smooth and secure site transition and has embarked on creating a new vision for a community at the heart of Edmonton. The City has an exciting opportunity to create a redevelopment plan that will achieve the City’s goals of infill, revitalization and reconnecting neighbouring communities, while recognizing the need to respect the history of the site that was traditionally used as a gathering place bringing people together for commerce, innovation and celebration.

Ideas and Concepts Phases

Based on public feedback during the Idea Generation Engagement, the City assessed the ideas and themed them into five general categories:

  • Commercial and employment
  • Community and recreation
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Residential
  • Transportation

This work led to a public “Ideas Review” event at the Expo Centre on June 21 where participants participated in activities to gather feedback on these and ways that they could be combined on the Exhibition Lands site.

  • The Dotmocracy Activity: Participants were asked to place red and green dots beside the ideas on the list that they would or would not like to see in the redevelopment of the Exhibition Lands.
  • The Map Visioning Activity: Participants were set up at a table with a facilitator and a large air photo map of the site. At the table was a series of “game” pieces that represented certain uses and ideas from the list of 39 idea components, which participants could pick and incorporate into the site in any combination that they wanted.
  • The Live Drawing Activity: Participants sat and had a discussion with a facilitator at a table with a large airphoto of the site. At the direction of the participant, the facilitator would draw overtop of the map using trace paper to represent each person’s unique vision for the site.


Northlands-engagementJune 21 public event

The City created a number of concepts using the results from the activities and participant feedback, as well as a number of factors, including: stakeholder input, the Guiding Principles, best practices in land use planning, issues and opportunities analysis, and market feasibility.

The eight Guiding Principles for this redevelopment are:

  • Support neighbourhood, city and regional economic development.
  • Foster compact urban development.
  • Ensure responsible return on public investment.
  • Celebrate local history, heritage and cultures.
  • Advance the sustainability and resilience of our environment.
  • Support all transportation choices.
  • Incorporate viable and creative ideas for redevelopment to leverage the site’s scale, location and assets.
  • Contribute to the social, physical and mental wellbeing of residents and all Edmontonians.

These concepts were presented at another public engagement session held September 18 and they will be further refined to inform the selection of a preferred development concept.

While we are narrowing our concept down to one preferred option to advance through more detailed analysis and discussion, as well as drafting the policies for the redevelopment plan, there is still opportunity for the public to provide feedback through our Insight Survey edmontoninsightcommunity.ca/c/a/5yPFOavpbBMIE8bhwK4WWs

For more information, visit edmonton.ca/exhibitionlands