Candy Cane Lane: The Home Movie – Roll it!

The city sidewalks are not busy sidewalks this year on Candy Cane Lane. 

“To keep everyone safe, it’s vehicles only to view the beautiful lights on the popular street in west Edmonton,” said Nicole Poirier, the City of Edmonton’s Civic Events director. 

“For those who can’t get there, or who prefer to experience Candy Cane Lane from their homes, we did the next best thing,” she said. “We hit the record button.”

For sure, the experience of being in the fresh air outdoors isn’t the same as a passenger-seated video tour of the decorated homes, but Candy Cane Lane is still something to see.

Take a look. Drop in for 30 seconds or loop it on a TV monitor at home after the fireplace channel log burns down. It’s vintage Edmonton.


Thank you to the residents of Candy Cane Lane, who go all out for fellow Edmontonians at this time of year. Thanks for keeping things merry and bright. 

Candy Cane Lane will run until January 1, 2021. Please remember Edmonton’s Food Bank, as donation bins are not installed on Candy Cane Lane this year.

Editor’s note: the pic at the top of the post is a City-inspired front yard decoration on Candy Cane Lane, which is on 148 Street, between 92 Avenue and 99 Avenue.