City Hall School grads in their own voices

Kiyomi used  11 words to describe what she learned about downtown Edmonton this past school year: 

“Our downtown core is very beautiful and full of beautiful people,” said the Grade 2 student from Coronation School just before stepping up on stage at City Hall along with 25 classes of  fellow graduates of her school-away-from-school: City Hall School.

City Hall School is a partnership between the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Public Schools in which students from Grades 1 to 12 learn how municipal government works—and how their voices do, too.

City Hall School is overseen and directed by—and infused by the spirit of—award-winning educator Linda Hut.

“What we aim for over the course of the City Hall School year is a growth in students’ understanding of how to use their voice to make a difference, be engaged in their city and always be curious,” said Hut.

Listen to some of those young voices explain what they learned this year, how City Hall School changed them and why Mrs. Hut pretty much rules ?:

Each class spends a week at City Hall and the surrounding neighbourhood exploring topics—transportation, the environment, infrastructure, social services, for example—tailored for them. Students meet politicians and public servants. They can visit places like Rogers Place, the funicular and ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ Indigenous Art Park. They keep City Hall journals throughout the year and prepare for the big Citizenship Fair at the end of the year. And a connected life beyond.  

“We keep finding more and more places to go and people to connect to, and students find an appreciation for their city and how hard people work together as a team to give us a good quality of life,” said Hut.

“I always say to the students, when City Hall School is over, it’s done with me, but you can keep your own City Hall School going,” said Hut. 

“Be curious, connect with people, make a difference and City Hall School can last your whole life.”


City Hall School is one of 13 Inquiring Minds Sites in Edmonton. This program brings students into their community to gain hands-on learning outside of the classroom.