City releases proposed 2019-22 Operating Budget

Editor’s Note: Today, November 1, 2018, the City of Edmonton released the proposed Operating Budget for 2019-2022, along with an update on the City’s Program and Service Review. This afternoon Linda Cochrane, City Manager, and Todd Burge, the City’s Chief Financial Officer, answered reporters’ questions at City Hall, along with Stephanie McCabe, Branch Manager of Corporate Strategy. Here are Ms. Cochrane’s opening remarks:

Today we’re pleased to present the City of Edmonton’s proposed 2019–2022 Operating Budget

As opposed to the Capital Budget, which is about the “stuff” that we build and maintain, the Operating Budget brings this “stuff” we build to life.

It’s lifeguards and librarians … police and planners … and the tools and equipment to help keep us safe, engaged in our communities and able to enjoy a fulfilling life.

It’s LRT and Eco Stations … attractions and parks … and their careful tending so Edmontonians can stay active and healthy.

The Operating Budget supports:

the people who help residents plan and build for their futures

the amenities that make Edmonton a great place to live

and the dreams we all have for the city we want to become.

media conference

The 2019-2022 proposed Operating Budget balances our optimism of what we aspire to … and the realism of our fiscal constraints and current economic environment.

This delicate balance is woven throughout the pages of the Budget as we focus on making the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Each of our City Departments plays a critical role in bringing Edmonton – and our Budgets – to life.

And they are joined together by a shared commitment to continuous improvement.

One of the ways we look to improve is through our Program and Service Review.

And while this Review is not Budget driven, it is Budget related.

It’s part of our ongoing effort to ensure our work across the organization is efficient, effective and relevant for Edmontonians.

And while some reductions to expenditures have been identified, we really view this work as a way to remain resilient in a difficult economic environment.

In compiling the 2019–2022 proposed Operating Budget, we have tapped into the experience and expertise of hundreds of dedicated City staff.

And we have asked Edmontonians about their priorities for building our city.

Together, these inputs and insights are at the heart of our Budget recommendations for Council.

Council’s informed decisions about expenditures will allow us to continue to make Edmonton great.

Next Wednesday, November 7, the City will present the proposed 2019-2022 Operating Budget to City Council.

Edmontonians will have an opportunity to speak to Council on the proposed budget at the November 15 non-statutory public hearing.

City Council will begin discussion and deliberation of the budget on November 28.
If you have any questions about the budget, you can ask them at