Closer to Home: Fort Edmonton Park footbridge area

Editor’s note: Once a week here at Transforming Edmonton we’ve been sharing some of our favourite places in the city. The pandemic has shortened the travel horizon for many. And that’s okay, because there are plenty of gems in different parts of our city that are worth a visit. Each week a different City of Edmonton team member gives you a story about a fave spot closer to home. This is Glenn Kubish’s view.

My friend Brian thinks of Edmonton as a kind of floating city with its north and south sides connected by bridges. Okay, maybe Brian sees things a bit different. But I think he’s onto something. It doesn’t get much better than a bridge.

Bridges quietly do and describe the work of community building. They connect, join, link, attach, affix, fasten, bring together and, basically, get us over obstacles to the other side together. They are unavoidably metaphorical. Edmonton has some great bridges. One of my faves is one of the smaller ones, the Fort Edmonton Park footbridge.

I’m not alone.

Pedestrians on their way to and from the Fort Edmonton Park footbridge

The footbridge draws the wheeled and the walkers for who knows how many good reasons. The fresh air, the sandbar beach nearby, the sky, the water, the trails, the leaves, just the thrill of moving on concrete above air above the river. 

The view is free.

The bench on the left has s plaque with a great message: Be Fabulous

For those who want to prolong the trip across the river, the bridge itself features two canopied lookout spots with metal benches.

One of two canopied lookout areas on the bridge.

It’s a good place to watch the river go by.

Downstream view.

Or the setting sun captured for a sec in a window up on the bank.

 Sunset captured in window frame.

Or, what’s best of all, just people doing their things.

Artists below!

The Fort Edmonton Park footbridge is a suspension bridge. It’s located upstream from Fort Edmonton Park in west Edmonton, and near the neighbourhoods of Brander Gardens and Wolf Willow. According to a plaque on the bridge, the Fort Edmonton Footbridge Trails Project is a partnership of the City of Edmonton, the River Valley Alliance with support from the Government of Alberta.

Plaques are pretty much always worth reading.

These trails connect communities and provide access to the Capital Region North Saskatchewan River Valley, it says.

Editor’s note: please respect the No Parking signs when you see them. Keep your visit free! 🙂 And here’s that bench plaque mentioned earlier.