Closer To Home: Keillor Point

Editor’s note: Once a week here at Transforming Edmonton we’ve been sharing some of our favourite places in the city. The pandemic has shortened the travel horizon for many. And that’s okay, because there are plenty of gems in different parts of our city that are worth a visit. Each week a different City of Edmonton team member gives you a story about a fave spot closer to home. This is Glenn Kubish’s view. Literally.

Keillor Point, née End of the World, delivers a breath-taking view of Edmonton’s river valley. No matter what season you visit. Regardless of your breath being visible or not.

Wow! is what you say there—winter, spring, summer or fall.

I pedaled by earlier this week, arriving via the shared path on Saskatchewan Drive and then down through the trees on a wide access path.

Wayfinding marker on Saskatchewan Drive

And, then, yes, on cue, wow!

Looking downstream from Keillor Point, October 30, 2020

At this time of year, what I most enjoy is staring out and waiting for the slight gradations of greens and greys and browns to introduce themselves. It’s not as leafy and vibrant a view as in summer, but the hues are rich and deep just the same. Even though we’re on a different spot on nature’s pantone wheel.

“Nice bike,” said a voice behind me as I was surveying the colours.

I turned around. I did not recognize the person who had joined me on the lookout deck.

“I used to assemble those bikes when they were made in Vancouver,” he said.

We introduced ourselves. Wong described the factory where he used to work. We talked a bit about bikes, and then about the view. Wong typically parks his car in Whitemud Park and walks up the old Keillor Road to Saskatchewan Drive and then down to Keillor Point.

“Sometimes I keep walking to Hawrelak Park,” he said.

Wong leaves Keillor Point via stairwell, October 30, 2020.

After a couple of minutes, we said goodbye, see you again, and I hauled my bike up the stairway ramp, thinking how valuable it is to have a public space that draws strangers together.

Who aren’t total strangers, after all.

We have the view in common.

Another editor’s note: the pic at the top of the post shows the view upstream from Keillor Point. Whitemud Drive is just visible in the background. There’s more to know about the Keillor Point Viewing Area. Keillor Point is at 7433 Saskatchewan Drive.