Congrats to Edmonton’s high school Class of 2020!

There are at least six reasons to watch and share the new Class of 2020 video from the City of Edmonton. 

  1. You’re a high school graduate this year, and you didn’t get a high school grad this year. This video is for you. It’s a small way to recognize your hard work and to celebrate your accomplishment. And the diploma in resilience that you also earned during the pandemic.
  2. You’re a  teacher, an administrator, a support staff worker. You provide the gift of a public education in Edmonton. 
  3. You remember your own high school days. Cool to see those lockers, the library and the hallways again. They take you back. Even the skeletons.
  4. You wonder if, on his return to his own Edmonton high school, Mayor Don Iveson forgets to never walk on the school crest in the entranceway. 
  5. You enjoy looking for symbolic things like how many doors in the high school the mayor walks through in the video. 
  6. As a parent or guardian or family member, you’re excited to see what’s on the other side of the high school doors for the historic Class of 2020. ❤️

Here’s the video:

Thanks for watching.
Again, congrats to all the grads and everyone who supported them every year along the way. 🎓
Oh, yeah, we counted nine doors. Including the old locker. 🚪