Designing City Streets: Another Chance to Get Involved

Last week, our team met with about 100 Edmontonians. We had very interesting discussions about design possibilities for our new and existing streets.

People appreciate that we are introducing a more flexible approach to designing roadways. They think it’s important that we take into consideration all users of all abilities, including seniors and those with mobility challenges. Some people would like to include more elements for the prioritization of transit. We’ll explore that idea in the implementation phase of Complete Streets.

We also heard that there is a desire for more emphasis on providing bike transportation. People have different opinions on what type of bike facilities they want to see in Edmonton. Some of them want more bike lanes; other ones want more shared-use paths. Some people would like to see some bike boulevards in Edmonton or the construction of cycle tracks.

We’ve done our best in the guidelines to include the latest in design guidance for all of these facility types. We included descriptions about where they are most appropriate and where they are not. For each type, we have a description on what each facility type is, how it works, where it is appropriate to have that type of facility, some key dimensions, and then a short section on snow clearing considerations. Hopefully, the descriptions for each bikeway type will help people get a better idea of the possibilities in their neighbourhoods.

We are offering one more opportunity for the public to get involved in the project. We will be hosting a repeat of the January meetings to share information and get feedback on the Draft Complete Streets Guidelines. Just like the two previous meetings, this session will be held jointly with the Designing New Neighbourhoods project team.


Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Time: 5-7 pm
Location: Northgate Lions Seniors Recreation Centre, 7524-139 Avenue NW

You can also find more information and provide your input until February 15 at

Come and get involved in the discussion.