Developing an entire city takes a lot of planning

As our city grows, the landscape around us is changing. Land is being developed and new buildings are being constructed to support citizens, business and industry.

So how exactly does all that land get turned into the homes, shops, factories, schools and community amenities we see all around us?

To help demystify the land planning and development process, the City of Edmonton has launched the Developing Edmonton video series. There are three videos in the series, each one covering a main tool the City uses to support safe and effective growth in Edmonton.

Developing Edmonton – Planning: the legislation, policies and plans that govern how land is used and establish a unified vision for how Edmonton will grow now and into the future.

Developing Edmonton – Permits: permits ensure that what is being built is safe, and the appearance and use is consistent with the rest of your neighbourhood. Permits are for your protection and are the result of years of experience, testing and feedback.

Developing Edmonton – Inspections: inspections are conducted at each phase of construction to ensure the finished building meets the safety and environmental requirements set out in the Alberta Building Code, National Energy Code and other relevant codes and standards.

Watching the videos will help give you a better understanding of each stage of the development process, including how to ensure you are complying with regulations when undertaking your own home renovation or building project and how to get involved and learn more when a new development is being built in your neighbourhood.

These videos are just one of a number of City resources and educational materials available on the land planning and development process.

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