Draft Economic Development Plan Ready for Review

The Way We Prosper, the long-term economic development strategy for the City of Edmonton, is nearing the final stages of development.

A draft of the strategy is now available for viewing at www.edmonton.ca/TheWayWeProsper.

The draft economic development plan is the product of extensive research and analysis on the emerging economic and business issues facing Edmonton together with input from many of you in the city’s business community.

We believe The Way We Prosper captures the aspirations of 600 business leaders and partners from educational institutions, community organizations, as well as citizens and federal and provincial agencies engaged in economic development.

The draft economic development plan contains five major, dynamic, made-in-Edmonton economic strategies to direct Edmonton’s economic and growth agenda for the next decade:
• Edmonton – A Confident and Progressive Global Image
• Edmonton – Internationally Renowned as a Powerhouse of Industry
• Edmonton – An Unrivalled, Competitive Business Climate
• Edmonton – An Environment for Innovation
• Edmonton – A Vibrant, Livable City

On July 18, 2012 City Council will review the draft plan and give direction on the major goals, strategic objectives and associated actions so that we can finalize the plan by the fall of 2012. You are invited to attend Council that morning (starting at 9:30am) to listen in on City Council’s deliberations. www.edmonton.ca/meetings

When completed this comprehensive economic development strategy will help drive us toward the diverse and prosperous economy envisioned by the City’s overall strategy, The Way Ahead.