Driving the Downtown Bike Network

Edmonton’s new adaptable Downtown Bike Network is now open and offers over 7.8 km of bike routes making it easier to travel downtown by bike. With the introduction of the bike network, there have been a lot of changes downtown for cyclists and drivers

Here are four important things to know when Driving the Downtown Bike Network

Watch out for new signs

Two important new signs on the network to watch out for are:

  • Yield to Bicycles
    • This sign tells drivers to  watch for cyclists when turning across a bike lane.
    • The road will be marked with green stripes.

Yield to Bikes

  • No Right Turn on a Red
    • Cars are not permitted to turn right across a bike lane  on a red light.
    • Cyclists are able to turn right at these intersections.

no right on red

Don’t stop on the green paint

  • Green Paint indicates points on the road where drivers’ and cyclists’ paths may cross.

Shoulder check and look both ways

  • Cyclists travel faster, making them more difficult to see compared to pedestrians. In many downtown bike lanes, cyclists will be travelling from two different directions. Shoulder checking helps driver’s see cyclists coming.

Yield to cyclists when turning across the bike lane

  • Striped green paint indicates that a bike lane is crossing an intersection or access way such as an alleyway or entrance into a parking lot.

For more information and a map of the network, check out edmonton.ca/BikeDowntown