Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap – where we travelled and what comes next

Road trips are exciting! No matter how well you plan your route, there will always be unexpected detours and can’t-miss viewpoints along the way.

It’s no different with Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap, which celebrated its one year anniversary this August. The Roadmap is a two year work plan to support more and better residential infill in our mature and established neighbourhoods. Infill can include all kinds of housing, such as secondary suites, garage suites, detached houses, duplexes, semi-detached and row houses, apartments, and other residential and mixed-use buildings.

Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap was developed as a proactive response to Edmonton’s dynamic growth. Our population is projected to increase to one million people by 2024, and supporting more and better residential infill is an intentional, deliberate strategy that will help everyone find the right sort of homes in the right communities. The Roadmap itself is the result of a robust eight month public engagement process called Evolving Infill, which included wide consultation with residents and industry through in-person events, online forums, workshops and discussions guides. The final Roadmap contains 23 items, including eight priority actions, and was presented to the Executive Committee of City Council on August 19, 2014.

Rossdale 2

To celebrate the Roadmap’s one-year anniversary, we have published a Progress Report that captures how Edmonton’s infill story has changed over the last year and highlights which actions have been completed and which are being worked on. Out of the 23 actions in the Roadmap, 11 are complete – including seven of the eight priority actions! This includes the Good Neighbour Guide (Action 5), adding an infill course to Planning Academy (Action 9), and changes to the Zoning Bylaw that make it easier to build narrow lot houses, garage suites and garden suites (Actions 14 and 15).

There have also been some bumps and detours on the way, and other infill issues not identified in the Roadmap have come up as we have worked to support better infill. The Progress Report identifies what we have done and are doing to deal with these issues and helps to keep us on track as we work to implement all the actions.

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The coming year will be focused on initiating the remaining actions in the Roadmap, as well as seizing additional opportunities as they arise. Infill will continue to be a key part of Edmonton’s growth strategy over the coming decades, so let’s take our next steps together!

For more information please visit our website at edmonton.ca/evolvinginfill, follow us on twitter at @PlanEdmonton or send us an email at evolvinginfill@edmonton.ca