Clean. Quiet. Electrifying!

We can’t wait for electric buses to hit the streets of Edmonton!

Edmonton’s transit fleet is set to become one of the first in Canada to add 25 clean-running, quiet electric buses. Proterra, based in California, will initially supply the City with two electric buses for infrastructure and charging verification, with plans to supply a total of 25 electric buses to be put into regular service in summer 2020. This purchase is part of the City’s commitment to integrating emerging technologies to create a more effective, efficient and environmentally responsible public transit service for Edmontonians.

“Electric buses are the future of public transportation and we’re excited to be at the forefront of integrating electric buses and emerging technology into our existing fleet,” says Eddie Robar, Branch Manager of Edmonton Transit Service (ETS). The new electric buses will be powered by highly efficient 660 kWh lithium-ion batteries with a range up to 400 km on a single charge. “We’re not just buying new buses, we’re buying a whole new innovative technology,” says Robar.

The new electric buses will produce very low emissions into the local environment and be approximately 30 per cent less expensive to service and maintain compared to current diesel buses. “The electric motors have fewer moving parts compared to a combustion engine, so there’s savings on maintenance, not to mention the cost of diesel,” says Robar. “Electric buses will benefit our city in many ways.”

The electric buses will be recharged from above using pantograph arms installed at transit facilities. The buses will take roughly one to four hours to recharge (depending on the level of charge when they return to the garage) and will be housed at the new Kathleen Andrews Transit Garage in northeast Edmonton.

In 2015, ETS winter tested several electric buses to ensure the technology would be suitable for Edmonton’s cold weather, steep river valleys and broad geographic transit area.

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