Every day is now Transit Operator Appreciation Day

Somehow a bus or a train going by isn’t just a bus or a train going by anymore. It’s also a sign that Edmonton Transit Service is resilient. And keeping going, in a time of global pandemic, is the whole game now.

Some people are saying thanks. 

Over the weekend, messages written in chalk showed up on the sidewalk on a stretch of ETS Route 181, which connects Belvedere and Clareview in Edmonton’s northeast.

A thanks to all front-line workers:

A little smudged, but a thank you to bus operators:

A vital reminder:

The messages found their way to the top. 

“We all greatly appreciate the thoughtful gestures and the kind thoughts expressed in chalk,” said Eddie Robar, Branch Manager, Edmonton Transit Service. 

“We’re committed, resilient and doing our absolute best to be nimble in a changing environment. It’s all about keeping our operators and passengers safe, and maintaining critical transit service for the long haul. We will get through this together.”

Robar then sent his own message back to ETS’s chalk correspondents.

Eddie Robar, Branch Manager, Edmonton Transit Service, March 23, 2020.

Thanks for reading. 

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