Evolving Infill: Meet the new Community Infill Panel!

A high degree of interest enticed nearly 70 people to submit applicantions to join the Community Infill Panel. Of the applicants, thirteen passionate and committed Edmontonians were selected to sit on the newly-created group.

The Panel represents a new approach to engaging Edmontonians in supporting infill-related policy and projects. As a volunteer advisory committee, the panel will provide strategic advice to City Administration on key infill issues. They represent a broad range of skills, knowledge, demographics and points of view that reflect the diversity of perspectives and opinions on infill in Edmonton.

“I feel privileged to be on the Panel and sharing ideas with the other members to help ensure that planning and revitalization in Edmonton continues in a positive way,” says Sandy Pon, a local realtor and Panel member.

Panel members will serve a two-year term, attending approximately five meetings per year. The Panel’s work and membership will be reviewed and adjusted along the way based on the collective lessons learned. The Panel represents just one of many methods that Administration will be using to engage with citizens and stakeholders as we continue to advance infill work in Edmonton.

Panel members include Community League representatives, local developers building infill, realtors, lawyers and communications professionals:

  • Steve Curtis, Development & Marketing Manager for Christenson Group of Companies
  • Maryam Razavi, Sociology PhD. Graduate
  • Chris Dulaba, Placemaker at Beljan Development
  • Bryan Sandilands, Parkview Community League & Principal at Nudge Consulting
  • Kember Handzic, Partner at Emery Jamieson LLP
  • Carla Stolte, Westmount Community League
  • Anne Huizinga, North Glenora Community League
  • Katie Warwa, Intern Architect at Tkalcic Bengert
  • Puneeta McBryan, Account Executive at Incite Marketing
  • Brandon Webber, Communications Director for IDEA
  • Carol Moerth, Community Engagement Champion
  • Kyle Willes, Community Member
  • Sandy Pon, Realtor

“This is a great opportunity for collaboration and to learn from residents and stakeholder groups,” says Colton Kirsop, senior planner with the City’s Zoning Bylaw team and member of the panel selection committee. “We’re looking forward to working even closer with our partners to support better infill in our city.”

The Community Infill Panel is action 6 on Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap. Infill supports community growth, reinvestment and revitalization, and provides more flexible housing solutions for the diverse needs of our citizens.

Visit edmonton.ca/evolvinginfill to learn more about the Community Infill Panel and Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap.