Go Car Free to Support Active & Eco-mobility


Many scowl at summer construction season, a time when slow downs and detours impact our regular commute to work and play. But instead of using negative energy, why not look for the up-side?

I view this as an opportunity for all of us to re-think how we get around. To curb our reliance on cars and consider more eco-mobile choices that make getting around less stressful and even more enjoyable.

Eco-mobility, or active transportation, is a forward moving idea that the City of Edmonton is embracing in an effort to build a more sustainable healthy city.  It challenges us to look at how we travel and make eco-mobile choices like walking, cycling, or public transportation, to support the health of our city and our own health at the same time!

To help you warm up to this idea and take small action steps, consider these 5 great reasons for taking on an eco-mobile lifestyle this summer.

  • Gets you up, out and physically active every day!
  • Being more active and getting outdoors more often improves mental health.
  • Eliminates the stress of being caught in rush hour traffic.
  • Active transportation is a great and easy way to reduce your risk for controllable diseases, resulting in an improved quality of life.
  • Pump prices!

On June 18 you are invited to Park(ed) – Car Free day! Learn how you can get eco-mobile.  Lots of activities for everyone to try. Test drive a Segway, participate in an outdoor Spin class, or take a ride on the BIG Bike for Heart & Stroke!

Find out more about this free family fun event at thewaywemove.ca

Also, Check out the bike mob video below. It was organized by Active Edmonton as a way to raise awareness of alternative, eco-transportation and it was a big success. You can definitely cram a lot more bikes than cars into a regular parking stall.