Have a great lawn and tame the Grass Monster – Go Bagless!

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year when the sound of mowers and the aroma of freshly cut grass fills our neighbourhoods. There’s no shortage of lawn care advice during the warm weather months, but there is one tip that is good for you, good for your lawn, good for the environment, and bad for the Grass Monster — Go Bagless.

Also known as “grasscycling”, going bagless means taking the bag off your mower, raising the height of the mower blade, and leaving the short grass clippings on your lawn. There are many advantages to mowing this way.

Grass clippings account for up to half of the waste collected by the City of Edmonton during the grass growing season (May to August). That is about 30,000 tonnes worth, which is equivalent to the weight of 2,382 City buses. Going bagless is the number one way Edmontonians can reduce their waste and prevent a huge Grass Monster from stalking local neighbourhoods. This video shows us what happens when we feed the Grass Monster:

So help tame the Grass Monster by going bagless. It’s easy. Any lawn mower will work, including push mowers, as long as you cut the grass high (6-8 centimetres). During the heavy growth season (May-June)  you might have to mow every four or five days so the grass clippings aren’t too long.

There are other advantages to going bagless. For lawn enthusiasts, it contributes to a lush, healthy lawn when done properly. The clippings break down quickly, keeping moisture in the ground and naturally fertilizing the lawn with nutrients after each mow. It also helps prevent thatch and disease.

For those people who find mowing a chore, going bagless is quicker and easier than dragging 40 to 50 heavy bags of grass to the curb each year for collection. As the clippings add moisture and nutrients to the lawn, it also reduces the need and expense of watering and fertilizing that patch of green.

It’s a win-win approach for grass lovers, casual clippers, and Grass Monster hunters. For more lawn care tips and a chance to win a mower tuneup and cleanup package from the Lawnmower Hospital, visit edmonton.ca/GoBagless. #GoBagless