Have You Ever Considered a Career with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services?

Edmonton Fire Rescues Services (EFRS) will be holding their annual Recruitment Open House on October 3, 2015, at the EFRS Training School.  

The recruitment process officially commences in March, when Edmonton Fire Rescue Services begins accepting applications. However, according to Deputy Chief Keven Lefebvre, the October Open House is an essential part of the process.

“This Open House gives attendees an opportunity to become familiar with the process and get up to date on the prerequisites before we start accepting applications in March,” says Chief Lefebvre. “It gives individuals, who otherwise would not be prepared, a chance to learn what it takes and organize their resume.”

The Open House will hold operational demonstrations, including a vehicle extraction, as well as classroom presentations designed to give attendees an idea of what they can expect at each stage of the recruitment process.

Though the goal of the Open House is to assist individuals who are preparing to submit applications, Deputy Chief Lefebvre hopes the event will break some of the stereotypes around firefighting that have deterred people from applying in the past.   

“Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is committed to an inclusive hiring process to attract the best and most dedicated candidates. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is, or what gender you are; if you are passionate about your community and want to work in a dynamic environment, you should consider a career with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services,” says Deputy Chief Lefebvre. “The recruitment process is as much of a learning opportunity as it is anything else. Come to the Open House and learn about the process; the information you gain at this event will help you be successful down the road.”  

The Edmonton Fire Rescue Services Recruitment Open House is on Saturday, October 3rd, from 11:15 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. at the EFRS Training School (10420 157 Street). Space is limited, so register online at www.edmonton.ca/firerecruitment, or by calling 780-944-1253.