High Level Bridge in Edmonton highlights Champions League win for Alphonso Davies

The High Level Bridge in Edmonton shone red and white last night for local, national and galactic soccer star Alphonso Davies. 

“Lighting the bridge celebrates Alphonso’s achievements and illuminates our city’s pride in the wonderful role model he is for youth around the world,” said Shannon den Besten, Acting Director of Civic Events and Festival with the City of Edmonton

“Alphonso’s story inspires us all to never give up on our dreams.”

Alphonso Davies gave a warm shoutout to Edmonton on his Twitter page after his team’s big win in Europe

Champions league of his own

Davies, 19, is the toast of the football universe after his Bayern Munich side beat Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 to claim the UEFA Champions League in the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon on Sunday, August 23, 2020. 

The team was the first to post a perfect record (11 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws) on the way  to the Champions League title. Davies, a midfielder, made four assists and was successful on 413 of his 470 passing attempts (87 percent) in the tournament.

The story (so far)

The highlights of the Alphonso Davies story (so far) are widely known.

He was born in a Ghanian refugee camp and came to Canada at age 5. He first played organized soccer in Edmonton in the Free Footie program. Davies went to St. Nicholas Catholic Junior High. He played for the Edmonton Internationals and the Edmonton Strikers. 

Davies debuted as a pro for the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club at age 15. In June 2017, he became the youngest player to play for the Canadian men’s soccer team. 

Alphonso Davies at Commonwealth Stadium, 2019

Coach remembers

Nick Huoseh is a longtime friend of the Davies family and coached a younger Alphonso Davies. Huoseh now manages the superstar athlete. 

“There were quite a lot of talented kids,” Huoseh recalled. “But the thing that set him apart was he always put in the hard work and was very coachable. And the fact he was very coachable was a big part of his success as a kid, and as a professional today.” 

Huoseh said Davies’ success on the world stage will mean good things for local soccer talent. 

“I think it will also bring a lot of eyes to Canada and the Edmonton area,” he said. “People will start taking good Canadian players more seriously.”

Lightning speed

Tim Ford is a senior planner with the City of Edmonton and a fan of the beautiful game. Ford cheers for Liverpool, but celebrates the game of Alphonso Davies who, he says, has all the traits of a modern football player. 

“Transformed into a left back for Bayern Munich earlier this season he has left his mark on the world stage,” said Ford. “What sets him apart as a defender is his intelligence and lightning speed. Along with this he has flair, technical, tactical and physical ability on the field.” 

Tribute in light

Here’s how the City of Edmonton helped share the story of Alphonso Davies. This is what the High Level Bridge looked like on Wednesday night, August 26, 2020: 

Pitch for World Cup games and #AD19⚡here

Edmonton is one of three Canadian candidate cities competing with 16 cities in North America vying to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The glory of Alphonso Davies playing for Canada in the McCauley neighbourhood is not lost on the City of Edmonton’s den Besten.

“What a dream it would be for all Edmontonians to watch him lead Canada onto the field at Commonwealth Stadium for the 2026 FIFA World Cup,” she said.

Editor’s note: the pic at the top of the post shows the High Level Bridge in Edmonton lit for Alphonso Davies on Wednesday, August 26, 2020.