#HolidayHibernation – Improve your mood with a little food

#HolidayHibernation is about trying something new, these local restaurants might have something for you.

Nisha Patel, the City’s Poet Laureate, Canadian Individual Slam Champion and Executive Director of the Edmonton Poetry Festival shares a list of 10 Take-Out Restaurants for the Hungry Edmontonian.   

It’ Dog and Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken and Hotdogs are quite a match at this 109th street staple. Seating less than four groups on normal days, It’ Dog is usually packed with hungry students and locals, but their takeout is just as good. You can order your fried chicken with a variety of Korean chicken favourites, such as sweet and spicy or soy garlic sauce, or be more adventurous with the deathly-hot hardcore chicken sauce or snow chicken. And if fried chicken isn’t your thing, then the top-of-the-line hot dogs (with vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat alternatives) are all served with tasty flavours and toppings. If you’ve ever wanted truffle mac and cheese on a hot dog – and you don’t know you do until you do – then this is the place to go. 

Teapsy Lab Bubble Tea – Teapsey Lab is a Whyte Avenue favourite, offering bright interiors and ample social space. The local shop – open for takeout – is quick and better than ever, with endless customization options for bubble teas as well as a quick snack and food menu if you’re feeling hungry. Green onion cakes and milk tea are crowd favourites, but there are also fruit teas, slushes, and brown-sugar specialties available with variations in toppings, sugar and ice, and drink size. Call the restaurant directly for pick-up, or order off your apps, for a special treat. 

Bete Africa Ethiopian Restaurant – Bete should be in regular rotation, especially for vegetarians who enjoy the fullness of a well-seasoned, multifaceted dish. Each of Bete’s offerings are authentic, made with care and precision, served to hungry customers new and old. Patrons love the variety of food options and attention to profile, with dishes that highlight and make ingredients really take to the plate. If you haven’t had Ethiopian cuisine before, then you’re in for an over-sized serving of a treat.  

Tony’s Pizza Palace – Tony’s is a family favourite, serving a large variety of luxuriously-flavoured pizzas and Italian staples. Located outside the core, take out is available to all corners of the city, and if you’re ordering in, you might as well size up and save the leftovers for breakfast. Each of Tony’s special pizzas has their own character, with crowd-favourites like the extra-large New York-style cheese, or the rich desserts and wine selection. Even when we’re in normal times, Tony’s is great, but now more than ever it’s exciting to kick back and enjoy a slice. 

The Nook Café – Welcome to your new favourite coffee shop, all sourced with the freshest ingredients and available for take out. This just-outside-downtown cozy spot has all the options for your favourite drinks, including every milk alternative you could want and a drool-worthy case of fresh baking. As well, with a small donation, the Nook offers a welcoming and inclusive button program, where patrons can pay for coffee and a treat for someone in need. This accessible spot is also family owned and operated, just across from Canada Place. 

Dream Tea House – a 17-year classic, Dream Tea House is the originator of the boom of bubble tea in Edmonton, with locations all over the city including Heritage, Oliver, and West Edmonton Mall. These creative flavours can range from traditional milk and black or green teas, like lychee and mango, but also involve smoothie flavours, fancy coffee concoctions, and a variety of toppings. You might not think that oreo and dark chocolate are a match made in heaven, but paired with tapioca pearls on a hot day and you have one great milkshake with all the boba goodness. You can also customize your sugar and ice levels too. There are Edmonton favourites as well – avocado bubble tea, mango slushes, and green onion cakes or yam fries as a side. All the more reason to pop in and grab something for you and your family, all available on the apps and at the door. 

Turquaz Kebab House – this Turkish and Lebanese restaurant is a call back home for many, and a hot spot for those who love these age-old flavours and favourites. Whether you are craving traditional kebabs – tender meat cooked and spiced just right – or tasty sides and mains, the Kebab House is sure to find new fans with every order. Located on the north side of Edmonton, the Kebab House serves locals and far-siders alike, enticing patrons with their authentic and homely touch. 

Kabuki Sushi and Grill – Kabuki is a quiet little Japanese restaurant offering a full gambit of Japanese favourites, with some special North American twists. Come in for extremely affordable daily specials, Japanese classics like yakisoba, udon noodles, bento boxes, and sushi boats, or order yourself the Edmonton or B.C. rolls. If you want to keep it simple, there’s yakitori and California rolls on order too – when in doubt, stick to the basics, because Kabuki gets them right every time. 

Hanjan – With Korean food presented in both new and traditional ways, Hanjan is a family favourite offering dishes cooked with that home-touch. With traditional Korean soups and stews, as well as K-BBQ, rice cakes and pancakes, and noodles, Hanjan serves some of the best and most authentic Korean food in Edmonton. 

Pho Hoan Pasteur – The Vietnamese fusion noodle house is a sometimes secretly-known Edmonton comfort, bringing us the tastiest slow-cooked noodles and flavourful broth. Pho takes hours to prepare, and this is evident in the depth of each bite you take. For the non-noodle lovers there’s also plenty of meat and veggie options with bright and tangy sauces, all cooked exactly how you like them. Pho Hoan Pasteur is also great the next day too – so don’t be afraid to order a little extra for the eyes. 

Nisha Patel નિશા પટેલ
Poet Laureate City of Edmonton
Canadian Individual Slam Champion 
Executive Director Edmonton Poetry Festival 
Nisha’s Twitter and Instagram are @anothernisha