How public involvement helped determine the Valley Line route

When the City was in the early stages of planning the Valley Line LRT there were a wide number of route options available, each with its pluses and minuses. In order to select the most logical path for the LRT to travel, the City turned to its most knowledgeable resource – citizens.

To tell you more about how we used public input, we’ve created a video to give you a high-level view of our public engagement process during route selection. The video explains the different criteria used to evaluate each route.

Construction of the Valley Line begins next year, but public participation in the process continues. As part of its ongoing commitment to public engagement, the City has created Citizen Working Groups in five distinct zones along the LRT alignment.  These groups are one way for the City to engage with impacted communities during construction of the Valley Line LRT.

A more detailed history of the Valley Line and the public engagement efforts undertaken is available on the Valley Line page. The project history section is at the bottom of the page. If you click on the plus signs next to each category under project history it will give you more details and copies of reports completed at every stage of the development of the line. You might also find this blog post on the history of the Valley Line helpful too.

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