In Loving Memory: A Gentle Reminder to Keep Off the Ice

Four new dog sculptures were designed and installed in memory of the pets that are no longer with us due to thin ice and high water levels in Edmonton’s parks.

You can see a sculpture for yourself if you visit Terwillegar, Buena Vista Park, Hermitage Park or Jackie Parker Park off-leash areas. The sculptures serve as a reminder for pet owners to keep their dog off the ice covering frozen bodies of water in off-leash areas.

These dog sculptures carry an important message for pet owners.
These dog sculptures carry an important message for pet owners.

Amanda Brown, Parks Program Coordinator for the City’s off-leash areas, shared the reasoning and importance behind these sculptures: “It’s really important for people to be aware that although these frozen water bodies seem secure, it’s deceiving how thick the ice can be.”

The first sculpture was unveiled at Terwillegar Park.
The first sculpture was unveiled at Terwillegar Park.

Parks Program Coordinators, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, Park Rangers, Animal Care and Control, and volunteers with the Off-Leash Ambassador Program came together to make this project possible.

As these sculptures are part of a larger Pet Ice Safety Campaign, the City encourages all residents to practice the following pet ice safety tips:

  • Ensure your dog obeys your voice commands before going near a body of water.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep your dog in sight at all times.
  • If necessary, keep your dog on a leash around ice. It is never safe to walk on the ice of the North Saskatchewan River, no matter the season. The thickness of the ice can be deceiving.
  • If you witness a person or pet fall through the ice into a body of water, it is imperative to call 911 as soon as possible. Do not put yourself in danger and never attempt to perform a rescue.


Buena Vista Park, Hermitage Park, Jackie Parker Park, and Terwillegar Park were selected for the sculpture installations because each provides direct access to a body of water, the North Saskatchewan River, a stormwater facility, or a combination of each.

Be sure to check out a sculpture the next time you visit one of these off-leash areas and remember: keep your furry friends close!

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