Infill taking shape in Edmonton

Most people are aware of the City’s plans to build up and in, rather than out, largely through the media. But, what you might not be as familiar with is the creative ways that people are reimagining how to live.

Through a series of videos we will introduce you to people who, among other things wanted, to reduce their home energy bills, build a home from an old rail yard container, and create an environment where several generations can live together.

Intrigued yet? Learn what is happening in your own backyard and hear the stories from ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Westgate Manor – see how one developer is using shipping containers to create an affordable heavy metal haven for some families with limited construction impacts on neighbours.


Ritchie Market – a great example of how neighbourhood businesses are helping to brew revitalization efforts and give neighbours a place to connect.


Multi-Generational Family – learn how several generations of one family have found a way to live together without compromising their independence thanks to Edmonton’s new garage suite regulations.


Crawford Block – it doesn’t have to be out with the old and in with the new. Learn how this 1912 building has been transformed into micro-apartment suites while retaining the building’s structure and heritage.


City Residential Infill Initiatives – learn about some of the major initiatives the City has undertaken since 2014 to improve the infill construction experience and ensure developers are following the rules.

These videos are part of Edmonton’s Evolving Infill initiative, which explores how we can welcome more people and homes into the city’s older neighbourhoods. Working together we can guide the development of quality infill that meets the diverse housing needs and preferences of Edmonton’s growing population.

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