What is the Language of the Path?

Did you know that Edmonton has more than 160 kilometres of shared pathways and trails to enjoy? Our pathways and trails are used for a multitude of activities: dog walks, bike rides, rollerblading, running and so much more. All this activity means shared pathways and trails can be busy spaces full of people, pets and wheels.

In early 2018, the City asked citizens to share their concerns about shared pathways using an insight survey. The most common concerns were:

  • People walking or running are startled when people bike past without ringing their bell
  • People on bikes are frustrated by groups who spread out on the path and don’t notice when they want to pass

We are encouraging everyone to communicate and look out for each other on shared pathways and trails. This is what the “Language of the Path” is all about.

While on shared pathways and trails

  • Be aware and listen for people passing
  • Move to the right so that others can pass safely

To pass others while on your bike

  • Ring your bell to pass
  • Pass on the left
  • Slow down, use caution (especially in high traffic areas or around blind corners)

With your dog

  • Keep dogs leashed in non off-leash areas, to ensure they don’t lunge at others
  • If your dog is prone to lunge at people while off-leash, keep it close by or leashed

What will people see?

Sticks and Stones_City of Edmonton Trails_0129

Park Rangers and our Outreach Team will be out in the parks, talking to people about the Language of the Path, and providing bells to bikes in need. Both teams are looking forward to working together on this program.

“From park rangers, to on-street outreach, and all the people in between, the 2019 Shared Use Pathways campaign shows how easily it can be done,” explains Tammy Francis, Community Relations Advisor. “Sharing resources, suggesting improvements and evaluating findings together creates an approach that fits the challenges people are experiencing on our shared pathways. It’s so refreshing to see and be part of!”

Sticks and Stones_City of Edmonton Trails_0007

Sticks and Stones_City of Edmonton Trails_0013

In addition, signage and pavement decals will be installed to promote the “Language of the Path”. You may see images like this along the shared pathways.

Sticks and Stones_City of Edmonton Trails_0002

Where Will People Find Us?

The following locations were selected for education in summer 2019 based on input from citizens, Bylaw Officers and Park Rangers:

  • Buena Vista Park
  • Whitemud/Ft. Edmonton Park (between Keilor Point and Whitemud Equine Centre)
  • Forest Heights/ Dawson Park Off-Leash Area
  • Mill Creek Ravine
  • McKinnon Ravine
  • Rundle Park (near science park)
  • Ribbon of Steel Shared Pathway/High Level Bridge
  • Terwillegar Park

Summer time is the perfect time to explore our shared pathways and trails. Lets all take part in learning and using the ‘Language of the Path’.