Nikola Tesla Day in Edmonton celebrates science

Today, the 163rd birthday of the prolific inventor who, among other achievements, helped design the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, is Nikola Tesla Day in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the Earth.

“We owe much to the inventions of Nikola Tesla: a pioneer of radio, radar, and wireless communication,” said Mayor Don Iveson.

“I’m pleased to recognize the importance of his work, but I hope Edmontonians take this day to celebrate science as a whole and its great accomplishments, as well as its role in helping us solve problems and broaden our understanding of this remarkable planet we call home.”

In his official proclamation of the day, Mayor Iveson shone a light on the qualities of the scientist.

“The City of Edmonton is proud to celebrate Tesla for his tenacity, diligence and passion,” a section of the proclamation reads.


The proclamation is to be read by Councillor Tim Cartmell tonight at a free event sponsored by the Nikola Tesla Historical Society of Alberta at the Whitemud Crossing Library. 

The event keynote speaker is Adam Bergren from the Nanotechnology Research Centre.

“Tesla was always fascinated with advancing science and advancing technology and getting useful things into the world,” said Bergren.

“In 1888 he had a patent on the induction motor which is used in the electricity grid and in power delivery and power grids and in home appliances like your dryer tumbler,” said Bergren. “His obsessions have made possible things like electric cars.”

As a colourful and fitting tribute to the scientific enterprise Tesla participated in, and as a celebration of all who use science to make life better, Edmonton’s High Level Bridge is to be lit blue this evening.

Other cities in North America celebrate Tesla Day, but it’s believed Edmonton is the first to do so in Canada.

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