Read all about it: City sign shop headlines playground safety story

The City of Edmonton Sign Shop is making a name for itself during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We just got an order for a thousand signs for the playground and outdoor facilities openings,” said Dawson Roberts, the City’s Supervisor of Traffic Field Operations, last week.

“We will be busy.” 

Life has been busy for Roberts and the six-person Sign Shop, which is located in the historic footprint of the city’s meatpacking district in northeast Edmonton. 

If you have ever read a municipal sign and gotten information about where in Edmonton you are—or where you’re going, how fast you should be going, how close you’re getting, what mode of transportation you should be using to get there—chances are the sign was rendered by the craftspeople at the Sign Shop. 

Pics from Sign Shop, May 22, 2020

Are signs going up?

The pandemic has kept the digital printers humming. 

Total sign/decal production in all of 2019 was 80,000. For 2020, the Sign Shop had printed 42,000 signs and decals by the end of April.

Sign Shop signs now play a pivotal role in bringing to earth the various health rules around how to move safely in Edmonton’s public places. 

When Interim City Manager Adam Laughlin announced last week that playgrounds and other outdoor recreation facilities were reopening the next day, Councillor Andrew Knack and Councillor Michael Walters asked if signs were going up and communication was going out. 

“There is signage going up,” responded Laughlin. “And the tone of it is play safe, stay safe. So, it’s making sure folks follow those rules.” 

The Sign Shop then did its stuff. 





Enjoy safely, play responsibly 

The signs were then collected and shipped and installed by City crews into the hundreds of playgrounds, parks and courts that are now, once again, hosting outdoor activities. With the new health rules of the game. 

“We’ve done our work, and now it’s time for the signs to do their work out there and to help, we hope, keep people safe,” said Roberts. 

Enjoy Safely sign here and top of blog post in Webber Greens (West Edmonton) playground, May 23, 2020

Laughlin said it’s now up to Edmontonians to take the signs to heart, and to live and play by them. 

“We expect Edmontonians will enjoy these spaces safely, by practising Alberta Health requirements: physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and sanitization and group size,” Laughlin said. 

“For the reopening to be successful, Edmontonians and the City must demonstrate shared accountability for respecting the new rules that will be in place.”

Thanks for reading the blog post. 

And the signs.