Renovated building to live again as bridge housing site

What comes to mind when the words “bridge in Edmonton” are mentioned? 

Probably the iconic Walterdale Bridge or the historic High Level Bridge. Maybe the rebuilt Groat Road Bridge or the spectacular Tawatinâ Bridge. 

With those kinds of bridges it’s the North Saskatchewan River that’s the barrier to be engineered over. 

There are other kinds of obstacles and other bridges, too.

Homelessness and bridge housing, for instance. 

What is bridge housing?

“Bridge housing fills the gap between the shelter system, people transitioning out of homelessness and moving into a permanent home,” said Brendan Pinches with the City of Edmonton. 

“So, it’s a short-term stay, 30 to 90 days, typically, where people can get those supports, build a housing plan and transition into a more permanent home.”

Hear from two of those Edmontonians, Corine and Tamara, in this story about bridge housing. The video introduces a new bridge housing site in the planning for the renovated jockey dorms at the former Northlands site. 

The City spent approximately $600,000 on renovations to the dormitory on the site, which is now called Exhibition Lands. A similar building on the private market would cost $2.4 million to $5 million to purchase.

Good Neighbour Plan 

The new bridge housing facility features a Good Neighbour Plan. The plan helps build and maintain a relationship and open communication between the agency that provides the service and the surrounding community. 

Learn more about the City’s efforts to build affordable and supporting housing

Editor’s note: the pics in the post show a bedroom and common area in the renovated dormitory on the Exhibition Lands site.