Revitalizing Stony Plain Road

Edmonton has no shortage of destination hot spots and one such example can be found in the Stony Plain Road Business Improvement Area (BIA).

The area is becoming a cultural and family friendly area where everybody can shop, enjoy fast, casual or fine dining, or relax at outdoor events. Earlier this year, the BIA was successful in hosting their first ‘Taste of Stony Plain Road’ event, drawing more than 250 people to experience the unique flavours of the restaurants in the area. Currently on offer is the YEG Market, Edmonton’s newest market district, which runs every Wednesday from 4-8pm thru September 13.

More than 10 years ago, a number of Stony Plain Road and area businesses united to form a BIA Business Association that guides and promotes collaboration between businesses in the area, advocates for local business interests, and provides programs and services that help build a strong local economy.  Part of the goal of BIAs is to create vibrant, economically-viable, attractive main streets, enticing more people to the area.

“Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association has been hard at work building the neighbourhood up for success,” explained Rocky Pilisko, Neighbourhood Revitalization Coordinator with the City of Edmonton. “The City has coordinators assigned to assist with neighbourhood revitalization in four areas across Edmonton. We know that local economic development has a large impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and provides far reaching benefits.”

The Stony Plain BIA team and the City have been working together to enhance this area for business owners and residents alike.
The Stony Plain BIA team and the City have been working together to enhance this area for business owners and residents alike.


With support from the City, the Business Association has taken on a number of projects and programs that have led to positive changes for the Stony Plain Road area, including a walking map of the area, ongoing graffiti cleanup, a clean streets program, beautification through flower planters and murals, use of the Façade Improvement Program and new streetscape elements that have made the area more welcoming. These are common programs in many of the 13 BIAs across Edmonton. Along Stony Plain Road, there are ongoing beautification projects such as adding decorative lights, permanent planters and new banners. The BIA also has plans in the works to increase the number of year round events, and programming at the plazas.

“Having City support is imperative to achieving common goals like area beautification, diversity and prosperity,” says Greg Rivera, marketing coordinator for the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association. “Our goals are shared, and working together will help to achieve them more efficiently, as the relationship creates a connection to the city resources and infrastructures.”From bike shops to Caribbean restaurants, cafes to roadway markets, Stony Plain Road is home to a wide array of businesses which support residents in this revitalizating area. Come check it out today and see one of Edmonton’s up and coming neighbourhoods!