There are now more options for Edmontonians to dispose of their needles safely in our city. The City of Edmonton has rolled out 23 new and improved safe needle disposal boxes.

The new design is safer, more durable and easier to install. All new installations are on public property. Needle boxes historically located on private property will remain where they are if the data continues to support the need for one.

“We had hired an industrial designer to have another look at our needle boxes,” said Don Belanger, Program Manager, Capital City Cleanup. “We knew we wanted something less stigmatizing than the previous ones.”








To help Edmontonians find where to dispose of needles safely, we developed an interactive map that shows the locations of the needle disposal boxes and Eco stations.

This map complements the other two maps unveiled in January  that show the number of calls to 311 for needle pick up and the numbers of needles collected. To see all three needle-related maps, visit edmonton.ca/needlemap.

In looking at it, we all want needles to go where they belong. The City and our partners continue to make improvements to needle collection and disposal.  Providing more options for disposal along with ready access to information is one way to do that,” said Belanger.

Needle Map Screen Shot

Needles can be safely disposed at eco stations or any of 23 safe needle disposal boxes in Edmonton

The needle disposal map is part of a larger educational campaign on needles launched this week. In the short term, we want people to know what to do if they find a needle on public or private property.  In the longer term, the campaign aims to dispel some of the fear, myths and stigma around needles and needle use in Edmonton.

In the meantime, it’s important Edmontonians continue to call 311 or use the 311 App if they see a needle(s) in a public space, such as an alley, park or sidewalk. If you find a needle on your private property, visit edmonton.ca/needles for our information guide.