Seven-layer dip, seven-layer earth, seven-layer City Plan. It’s all good.

Part 4 in the ongoing City Plan blog series

Our earth is made up of seven layers, and studying them tells us how the planet was created, how the layers influence life on earth, and the risks and opportunities contained in these layers.

The same is true for the many layers that we need to plan as we develop The City Plan. When you understand the layers, what each layer includes and their relationship to each other, you’ll have a better idea of how The City Plan will be created, how the layers influence each other, and the risks and opportunities contained in these layers.

You can get a better idea about the layers and virtually interact with the layers at one of our upcoming public engagement events for The City Plan.


When you look at the layers we’d like you to imagine how each layer affects the other, and remember that whatever actions we take, we will need to keep the requirements of all the layers in mind. For instance, when we think about potentially increasing our active transportation modes in the future, that will also have a positive impact on our natural environment, and on the people who live in the city. That’s just one example of the kinds of idea sharing and discussion we want to have with you as we develop The City Plan.

There’s a lot to consider when developing a document as far-reaching as The City Plan. We need to think about the things of today that we love, need and want to preserve, while also considering what kind of city we want to have in the future, and potentially what kinds of big moves we might make to get us there.

We hope you’ll take part in one of our planned public engagement events, interact with our exhibits, talk to our staff and share your thoughts and ideas. The events are all drop in and they’re taking place around the city. You’ll have lots of opportunities to participate.

If you’d like to share thoughts with us now, use the social media hashtag #EdmontonsFutureIs or email us at

Visit to learn more about The City Plan and to see the maps and the building blocks documents that will help lay the foundations for The City Plan.