Social distancing signs (of the times) now appearing in public

Social distancing signs have begun to appear in City of Edmonton locations.

Here’s one of the signs and an accompanying floor decal now very visible in the Edmonton Service Centre in Edmonton Tower in downtown Edmonton. The signs are also up at the City’s Animal Care and Control Centre.   

They will soon be rolled out at more City of Edmonton locations.

Social Distancing Tips

Social distancing was a key theme stressed today by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health. 

Hinshaw urged everyone who can stay at home to stay at home, but offered some tips for social distancing, including: 

– “shopping during off-peak hours, like first thing in the morning or late at night,
– wiping down baskets and shopping carts before and after using them,
– sanitizing your hands when you get off the bus or train,
– using utensils if you are eating out rather than choosing finger foods, and
avoiding open snack dishes, such as peanuts or candy.”

Hinshaw said these tips will help everyone do their part to flatten the curve. (More in this recent blog post on what flattening the curve means.) 

Get your own poster
You can help spread the message, and not the virus. Please download and share your own social distancing poster. As well, translate the message into other languages and help wherever you can to spread the word to stay 2 metres away from others—if you are out and about. 

Thanks for reading this. At a safe social distance.