The Metro Line – Building Momentum Safely

The anticipation is building around the Metro Line, especially since the City of Edmonton reached a major milestone in the process of opening the new LRT to public service. Edmonton Transit System (ETS) is now commissioning the new LRT signalling system needed for Metro Line operations and staff field training is underway.

While staff have been training for some time now using simulators, it’s critical they have some hands-on experience on the Metro Line before accepting passengers. Training started off in the control room with inspectors and controllers using the new signalling system software to operate trains on the Capital Line. Training has now progressed to the point where operators have started driving empty training vehicles between MacEwan and NAIT stations.

While the Metro Line LRT is a new and exciting addition to Edmonton, it’s also an unfamiliar one. As the City of Edmonton continues with commissioning and training, it’s important to remember that the LRT trains are fast and quiet, and can come from any direction on any track, so it’s critical to stay safe by staying alert.

Here’s how you can stay safe around the LRT:

  • Be aware of and obey all traffic signs, signals and gates.
  • Exercise patience, as wait times will increase at some intersections and pedestrian crossings.
  • Only cross at designated crossings when permitted.
  • Never stop on or travel along the tracks.
  • Never enter a track area when gates, lights and bells are on or when trains are coming.
  • Clear the crossing immediately if you’re already in it when gates, lights and bells are activated.

The City joins citizens in eagerly awaiting the opening of the Metro Line. While progress is being made, we aren’t in a position to announce an opening date for the Metro Line yet. We remain committed to opening the new line to safe, reliable public service as soon as possible, and will continue to provide regular updates to Edmonton residents. Thanks for your patience, and remember to stay safe!

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