The Way We Move Challenge

Over the past month my co-workers and I have been working on a special project. We had been asked to participate with the TELUS World of Science exhibition Wings, Wheels & Waves, A LEGO® World of Transportation. With the help of numerous volunteers (our coworkers, friends and family) we built a model of a sustainable city that explains the principles of The Way We Move, the City’s Transportation Master Plan. Last week we set up the first part of our exhibit.

As you can see we’re not the only ones who get a chance to build a model of a sustainable city using LEGO®. On November 20-21, a contest will be held to challenge families and others to build a portion of this display. My co-workers and I will be at TELUS World of Science to explain how transportation is more than just moving people and how it is essential infrastructure that shapes our city, impacts our sustainability and influences our economic well-being.

Everyone interested is invited to participate and help to build our future Edmonton transportation network. You can build anything — a building, a vehicle, a parking garage, a bike or a park! The displays will be judged by a panel of planners, engineers and city councillors at 3:30 PM on Sunday the 21st. Full details of the contest will be online soon a Hope to see you there!