This is Who we are: Brian Golightly, Information Ace

Editor’s Note: Today we continue a series of video stories about City of Edmonton employees. In their own words. But, first, just a few more of ours. Together, the 14,000 people who work for the City help to imagine, construct, maintain and operate, and animate this place called Edmonton —where we have all decided to build, together, the value of our lives. This is our story.

Working as a Communications Technician for the City of Edmonton, Brian Golightly sits at the crossroads of a tremendous amount of information. He shares valuable information and ideas with the right people and departments, sometimes before they know they need it. “I help people in the office connect with information that they might not have otherwise known by talking to them, and if I can help, I’ll help,” says Brian.

Brian compiles and distributes media clippings, however his impact extends beyond that. With insight and good humour, he proactively identifies the issues and provides context around emerging trends that enable Communications and Engagement staff to give thoughtful advice to colleagues around the corporation.


An exemplar of the cultural commitments, Brian’s helpfulness and aptitude for media relations shines during media training sessions at the City of Edmonton. Calm and collected, like any great mentor, he prepares his colleagues with gentle pressure and encouragement. Always positive and willing to listen, Brian is dedicated to helping everyone in the group succeed.

Whether he’s briefing his team on the latest story, or prepping a colleague for an upcoming interview, Brian exemplifies all aspects of being helpful. He is a wealth of knowledge, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration to all who work with him.